1Hupe(1 Humanity for Peace) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring together and connect people from diverse cultures or backgrounds to foster understanding and empathy.


Our goal is to open up people to understand our world and others who might have very different attitudes and beliefs - through tours, activities, workshops, and various special events.

You will be challenged to learn, understand, and connect with  diverse people. We hope you will help make the world a better place by sharing your ideas, empathy, and understanding with others around you.

Welcome, Hupers!(our unique name :-D) You are anyone who is interested in exploring Korean culture, Korea town, and other cultures in Los Angeles. 1Hupe.org is a small non-profit that is creating a community by bringing together people from diverse cultures and backgrounds through fun, immersive, and interesting educational activities in the vibrant cultural enclaves in and around Los Angeles.


We currently create immersive experiences around Korean culture through specially designed food and walking tours in different areas of Korea Town(K-Town), where we learn about Korean traditional and modern culture; explore different shops; Korean products in super markets; and eat together and learn about Korean foods. We do many different activities and events around Korean culture and Korea town!


We plan to have food and cooking meetup, activities geared around K-pop, drama, fashion, beauty, and traditional Korean health and wellness. It's all donation based so we can pay for overhead and bring you even more interesting activities and events!


We will be adding walking tours and activities in other areas such as Little Ethiopia, 'Little Russia', 'Little Mexico' and others.


You can donate directly to the host at the events or go to our Donate web page to donate and get more information.