Hello Hupers,

We want to be able to continue our fun, educational and adventurous journey of exploring Los Angeles and it's many many interesting cultures, people, and activities with you. We are so grateful and happy to have you as well as our members (from meetup) and fellow adventurers / explorers.

To do so we have to generate funds through donations and other means, and we found a fun way to do it. Amazon Affiliate Links. It would be amazing if you could help us while you shop for your normal items on Amazon by doing so using our affiliate links. You don't have to buy the products we list on our web-page, just go to Amazon using those links for your shopping within 24 hours of clicking on the link (Make sure to shop within 24 hours of clicking on the link and check all sellers and their history before placing an order!).


We recently held a Korean Beauty(K-Beauty) event and had lots of fun discussing the various methods, techniques, and fundamentals of K-Beauty. During the event our participants had questions about the various products and what to get. There are so many different companies and products that it can be overwhelming. Josie has listed some products that are very affordable in different categories on our web site so that you have a base to start from in your K-Beauty adventure if you haven't started already. We are planning to repeat the event again soon (due to popular demand) and open it up to Korean fashion styling as well.


Please just remember to skin patch test before you use any of the products. 

K Beauty: These are some products that Josie has enjoyed over the years and worked well for her generally normal to dry skin. She switches products depending on how her skin is doing, whether it feels oily, normal, or dry. Josie gets pimples once in a while and uses different product clear up the skin. Try different brands and products to find what works best for your skin type. 


Skin tips: You can use products for oily skin and dry skin at the same time if you are a combination skin. You can use products for oily skin in your T zone and the products for drier skin in your cheeks and other area. Always wash your hand before washing your face. Never touch your face with dirty hands or use hot water to wash your face, only slightly warm.

There are a variety of beauty products from different brands from the very affordable to mid range for all budgets. We will schedule more basic skin care get togethers in the near future ^o^

We also selected some Korean food classics and tea that Koreans love to eat and drink so that people could try them as well. We have also included some sampler boxes with multiple items that will be fun to try. If you have been on some of our Korean food outings or tours, you know that Josie has talked about many of these foods and ingredients.


We are continuing to add more products in various categories & cultures as well as based on popular demand.