Terms & Conditions

We are a small non-profit that offers tours, events, and activities to our participants. We are completely donation driven and you can donate directly at any events or donate through our website. We will give you receipts for your donations which are tax deductible.


Participants will be informed ahead of time if there are any necessary fees for food, tickets, etc..


We are part of Meetup and fall under their guidelines. Please check out their Policy page with terms and privacy at: https://www.meetup.com/policy/overview/.

Short excerpt 'Summary: You agree not to hold us responsible for anything that happens related to transactions with third parties, member interactions, or in connection with a Meetup group or Meetup event. You also agree not to hold organizers responsible for their negligence in connection with their Content, a Meetup group, or Meetup event.'

It's free to signup for Meetup and you can manage your reservations on that site. You may also reserve through our site and you would go as our guest as part of Meetup.