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All our events, activities, workshops, and information is managed through our Meetup and Eventbrite Site. You can use either sites to rsvp and follow our activities! Please check the links below. We offer walking tours in different parts of Korea Town, explore Korean food at different restaurants, Korean Dramathon, Movie and lunch, Karaoke K-pop Night, and much more!

Once you sign up for our group Los Angeles Cultural Events & Tours: Koreatown, you will see other members, interact with everyone on the comments board, and easily chat with the organizers. (Sign up is free) or manage your RSVP/tickets through Eventbrite.


All members are updated with any new changes or of any new events or anything else that members  need to know in group messages. Members will also be offered events first as well as getting any discounts or special packages. So become a member on MeetUp or follow us on Eventbrite!!!

Please check our calendar and check our About page on Meetup for Code of Conduct within our community.

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Click on our calender to get all walking tours and events information. You can go to to sign up for free and manage your reservations there, get notifications, and interact with other members. Our group is named 'Los Angeles Cultural Events & Tours: Koreatown'.


If you prefer not to sign up for Meetup, please use Eventbrite. and follow us to get updates!